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Home > Club > Centenary > Events Gallery > 7 Feb - Centenary Games Night
Home > Club > Centenary > Events Gallery > 7 Feb - Centenary Games Night

7 Feb - Centenary Games Night

The second event in the Centenary calendar took place on 7th February and featured an evening of pub-style games. Organised by Master of Games, Gordon Padmore, members competed in a round of four different games accumulating points as they progressed - just like an Olympic pentathlon. In this case the BGSC version was:
  • electronic darts
  • speed pool
  • table tennis
  • target golf
The picture shows the athletes (?) limbering up and making last minute adjustments to their equipment.
As with any team of elite athletes, the numbers able to participate was limited during the selection process. However, there was a good turnout by the home team who enjoyed the healthy competition.

Stuart "The Hurricane" Howe lines up his next shot having got off to a flying start with two balls already in the pocket!

Chris "The Beast of Blackwell" Pack looks on nervously but with an air of nonchalance knowing that hours of a misspent youth are about to pay off when he gets a turn at the table.
Next up was Fred "Rocket" Rollins haring round the table like a man possessed.

Lisa "The Boss" Rollins is checking out the rules on her mobile phone to make sure that Fred is playing to the letter as well as the spirit of the game rules.
Mike Pickworth and Bob Suggitt go head-to-head in the table tennis.

Bob is serving from the baseline, Mike waits in eager anticipation using a penhold grip on the bat.

Has he played this game before?
Bob bends to retrieve another wicked return of serve.
The punters or should that be putters lining up on the tee for the first round of target golf

Lisa Rollins takes a wild swing as Robin Brown looks on with bated breath. Is Lisa's shot going to land in the scoring zone and knock him down the leaderboard.

Meanwhile, Bob catches forty winks following his previous exertions in the table tennis.
Club Secretary, Richard Seal, literally in full swing.

Unfortunately, with too much top spin applied, the ball didn't even get near the scoring zone on this occasion.

Green keeper Gordon Padmore looks on with a knowing smile.

He's spent hours practising his swing at home before the event and is confident that his ball skills will come to the fore in due course.
Supper was provided courtesy of the nice man at Morrisons with the help of Sue and Richard Seal who took over catering duties for the evening.

At this point, there were going to be some pizza-related jokes but they turned out to be too cheesy!

To everyone's astonishment and chagrin, when the points were totted up at the end of the evening, our Club Secretary, Richard Seal, took top honours following a superlative round and bullseye in the electronic darts (what fluke?)

He was presented with the BGSC Games Night Winner 2018 trophy at the closing ceremony.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening thanks to Gordon Padmore who puts lots of time and effort into organising the events and prizes and Sue Seal for sorting out the supper.

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